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Foreign Workers are required to do medical check up FOMEMA for 1st year 2nd year 3rd 5th year 7th year and 9th year. When can I start my Maid Working Permit renewal process.

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EMPLOYMENT PERIOD AND REPATRIATION – Foreign workers are allowed to work in this.


Fomema medical check up for maid. Foreign Workers mandatory to be covered by Insurance Guarantee SOCSO and Medical Insurance for every year. FOMEMA atau nama penuhnya Foreign Workers Medical Examination Online adalah satu organisasi perkhidmatan pemeriksaan kesihatan peringkat pertama untuk pekerja asing yang tinggal dan bekerja di Malaysia dalam mencegah penyebaran penyakit berjangkit kepada orang ramai. Maid or employer is blacklisted or under suspect list.

FOMEMA Medical Check Up failed not updated yet or record under old passport. FOMEMA – Foreign Worker Maid FOMEMA 外籍工人 女佣体检. Foreign Workers Medical Examination Online.

Foreign workers must undergo medical examination and certified fit by the clinic medical centre registered with FOMEMA for 2nd and 3rd year extension only. Visitors PassTemporary Employment Sticker PLKS a. Employees who fail this examination must be sent back to their home countries immediately.

It is advisable to renew your Maid Working Permit 3 months before expiry to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Pre – Employment Check Up 就业前体检. The employer or employment agency is required to bring the FDH for a medical check up at any clinic which is registered with FOMEMA Pte.

We offer a wide range of medical healthcare services for all age groups from schools to corporates from neighbourhood to industrial area.

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