Event Horizon Fight Statistics - Changes

2.0.10, 2011-07-08
- fixed a parsing error caused by patch 4.2

2.0.9, 2011-06-11
- after parsing a log file now also shows fights for bosses that are not completely supported yet
- scripted milestones: at the end of a fight the new synthetic FightEndedEvent is sent

2.0.8, 2011-04-29
- updated NPC IDs for patch 4.1
- scripted milestones: updated to Groovy 1.8.0

2.0.7, 2011-03-05
- fixed a parsing error
- Shadowfang Keep: added some missing boss NPC IDs

2.0.6, 2011-02-13
- Blackwing Descent: added Finkle's Mixture to absorption tracking
- fixed a parsing error related to damage shields such as Thorns

2.0.5, 2011-02-09
- Bastion of Twilight: added milestones for Valiona and Theralion (fight phase change), the Ascendant Council (fight phase change), and Cho'gall (fight phase change)
- Throne of the Four Winds: added milestone for the Conclave of Wind (energy release), and Al'Akir (fight phase change)
- scripted milestones: added AbstractMilestone.deactivate(), and IParseContext.removeMilestone()

2.0.4, 2011-01-23
- Blackwing Descent: added milestones for Atramedes (fight phase change), and Nefarian (fight phase change, and Onyxia dead)

2.0.3, 2011-01-21
- Blackwing Descent: added milestones for Chimaeron (fight phase change, and Feud), Maloriak (fight phase change), and the Omnotron Defense System (golem activated)
- Blackwing Descent: fights against Atramedes should parse correctly now
- Baradin Hold: added milestone for Argaloth (Fel Firestorm)
- the Time Warp and Ancient Hysteria buffs will now show correctly on overview graphs as well

2.0.2, 2011-01-18
- Blackwing Descent: added milestone for Magmaw (exposed head)
- added an upload feature to solicit submission of log files (simply click "Yes" if the automatic upload dialog is displayed)

2.0.1, 2010-12-27
- added Illuminated Healing (Paladin mastery) and Grounded Plasma Shield (engineering recipe) to absorption tracking

2.0.0, 2010-12-24
- updated for Cataclysm class changes, raids, and dungeons
- added Linux GTK version
- scripted milestones: updated to Groovy 1.7.6

1.13.2, 2010-03-02
- fixed a packaging error that broke parsing

1.13.1, 2010-03-01
- Icecrown Citadel: added milestones for Sindragosa (fight phase change, flying, and Ice Tomb)
- corrected some boss NPC IDs
- scripted milestones: updated to Groovy 1.7.1

1.13.0, 2010-02-20
- reports: users may create their own milestones now - see the tutorial for more information
- reports: added Renewed Hope, Blessing of Sanctuary, Greater Blessing of Sanctuary, Icebound Fortitude, and Blade Barrier to absorption tracking

1.12.7, 2010-02-06
- Icecrown Citadel: added milestones for Professor Putricide (fight phase change, and Volatile Ooze Adhesive)
- Icecrown Citadel: added more spells to Blood-Queen Lana'thel's Essence of the Blood Queen milestone so that it also works with 25 player fights
- users are prompted when there are outdated milestones that may be disabled for performance

1.12.6, 2010-01-29
- Icecrown Citadel: added milestone for the Blood Prince Council's Invocation of Blood
- Icecrown Citadel: added milestone for Blood-Queen Lana'thel's Essence of the Blood Queen
- Icecrown Citadel: corrected Blood-Queen Lana'thel's NPC ID
- Icecrown Citadel: added boss group for the Blood Prince Council

1.12.5, 2010-01-10
- added proc from The Black Heart to absorption tracking
- fixed a parsing error

1.12.4, 2009-12-21
- reports: downranked spells will now appear in a different color
- Pit of Saron: added boss group for Ick and Krick

1.12.3, 2009-12-12
- added support for Icecrown citadel raid and 5-man dungeons
- added Ancestral Fortitude and Pain Suppression to damage absorption tracking

1.12.2, 2009-10-25
- death milestones in the overview graph will now stack instead of overlapping each other

1.12.1, 2009-10-18
- fixed a few minor bugs, partly related to parsing

1.12.0, 2009-09-26
- improved memory usage

1.11.7, 2009-09-02
- Trial of the Crusader: added support for Anub'arak
- added proc from Essence of Gossamer to absorption tracking

1.11.6, 2009-08-26
- Trial of the Crusader: added support for Twin Val'kyr
- reports: healing overview page now features an overview graph
- reports: all colors may now be configured via the GUI

1.11.5, 2009-08-22
- Trial of the Crusader: added boss IDs, groups, and milestones for faction champions

1.11.4, 2009-08-19
- reports: added deaths overview page
- reports: added proc from Val'anyr to absorption tracking
- report designs can now be exported and imported via the GUI

1.11.3, 2009-08-15
- log file parsing now correctly parses WoW 3.2 log files

1.11.2, 2009-08-14
- multiple fights can be added as a "single" fight now
- Trial of the Crusader: added support for Lord Jaraxxus
- Trial of the Champion: added support for this dungeon
- log file parsing now correctly parses WoW 3.2 log files

1.11.1, 2009-08-08
- Trial of the Crusader: added milestones for the Beasts of Northrend

1.11.0, 2009-07-31
- Ulduar: added boss group for Kologarn (plus his left and right arms)
- Vault of Archavon: added milestone for Emalon's Tempest Minions being overcharged
- Utgarde Pinnacle: added boss group for Gortok Palehoof (plus his adds)
- fight tooltips now show participating NPCs if there are multiple
- spell ranks are now retrieved from Wowhead instead of Allakhazam
- events browser can now show matching events in between all events (in addition to showing matches only)
- events browser now accepts search queries in the form of "*TEXT"
- events browser can now search for unit type and unit reaction (friendly, neutral, or hostile)
- updated internal GUI engine

1.10.3, 2009-06-13
- GUI/reports: group names are now shown for fights with multiple boss NPCs instead of the most active NPC (for example, Four Horsemen, or Assembly of Iron)
- FTP upload ignores "dot" files in otherwise empty directories
- reports: report overview now shows number of players for each fight

1.10.2, 2009-06-09
- Mimiron: added milestone for fight phase changes
- Death Knight: pets are now recognized when Ghoul Frenzy is used

1.10.1, 2009-06-05
- reports: blocked damage is now shown separately in players' abilities tables
- reports: report overview now correctly shows total negation instead of total effective healing
- reports: damage absorbed by shields is now visible in a different color in percentage bars on healing overview page
- reports: healing overview page now shows number of dispels and interrupts for each player
- Yogg-Saron: added milestones for fight phase changes
- GUI: report creation makes use of multiple CPUs/cores now to speed things up (configurable via settings)
- Mac: EHFS should now exit correctly

1.10.0, 2009-05-21
- GUI: added an events browser (with filtering)
- reports: added a healing overview matrix to the healing page ("who heals whom")
- Ulduar: added milestones for Razorscale and Assembly of Iron
- hunter: added heuristic to not show Feign Death as real death

1.9.0, 2009-04-28
- reports: added support for damage absorption through shields
- reports: added an overview page for the whole report showing all fights
- reports: healing abilities table now shows overheal for each ability
- fights from different combat logs can be added into one report
- GUI: improved recognition of fights' start/end (fixing issues with Thorim trash)

1.8.1, 2009-04-24
- Ulduar: improved parsing of Mimiron and Yogg-Saron fights
- hunter: improved automatic recognition of pets
- other small fixes and improvements

1.8.0, 2009-04-20
- reports: dead players are now shown in the DPS overview graph (hover with mouse for details)
- reports: overheal is now shown in the percentage bars on the heal overview page
- Ulduar: added milestone for Kologarn's Stone Grip
- Vault of Archavon: added milestone for Archavon's Impale
- reports: fixed table sorting for English report language
- added Emalon's NPC ID, fixed others (Hodir, Thorim, Freya)

1.7.0, 2009-04-18
- Ulduar: added milestones for Flame Leviathan, XT-002 Deconstructor, and Ignis
- reports: vehicles are now sorted below players on the overview pages
- added more boss NPC IDs: Commander Kolurg, Commander Stoutbeard, Hodir, Amanitar
- fixed parsing errors caused by WoW patch 3.1

1.6.2, 2009-04-14
- Ulduar: added NPC IDs for bosses (Hodir still missing)
- improved parsing speed some more

1.6.1, 2009-04-12
- improved parsing speed
- fixed broken graph legend labels

1.6.0, 2009-04-10
- reports: colors, CSS, and logo are now customizable
- added milestone for when Kel'Thuzad becomes active
- trash NPCs can be explicitly included or excluded from fights
- improved pet recognition of Army of the Dead Ghouls
- bosses are now differentiated from trash by use of NPC IDs instead of a hardcoded health pool limit

1.5.0, 2009-04-04
- GUI: added FTP upload feature
- minor bug fixes and changes

1.4.4, 2009-03-28
- GUI: fixed a problem with merging of fight phases - you don't need to set the "new fight after pause length" field so high anymore, this will also help when you are quick with wipe recovery (ie. short pauses)
- warlock: recognize Doomguard as pet
- reports: now showing dispels and interrupts

1.4.3, 2009-03-22
- GUI: new milestones settings window allows (de)activation of individual milestones
- Sartharion: fixed milestones showing dragon adds joining
- Noth: fixed "away" milestone to not show outside of Noth fights

1.4.2, 2009-03-14
- GUI: "Show only NPCs" field is now more useful, now has a list to select NPCs from
- Sartharion: show new milestones in charts when dragon adds join
- bugfix: some report files where still in use by the program after the report has been created
- program should now work on Mac and Windows 64-bit platforms again

1.4.1, 2009-03-07
- reports: fights are split into multiple HTML pages for faster loading
- Malygos: ignore Hover Disks incorrectly recognized as pets
- Malygos: show Wyrmrest Skytalons as separate players (these cannot be recognized as pets due to combat log restrictions)
- Malygos: added milestones

1.4.0, 2009-03-01
- reports: unit graphs now show healing per second
- reports: new table showing events before deaths
- death knight: recognize Army of Dead ghouls as pets
- players were recognized as pets of other players in some cases
- new update mechanism updates your installation in place

1.3.0, 2009-02-22
- user interface: new time line - shows all fights in the log file, and updates on the fly while you change settings
- reports: new table showing damage taken for each unit
- reports: pets are now hidden by default, can be made visible by clicking on name

1.2.1, 2009-02-17
- correctly parse spells with commas in their name
- overall raid DPS sometimes displayed as zero

1.2.0, 2009-02-07
- improved recognition of hunter and warlock pets
- improved overall automatic recognition of pet owners
- Naxxramas: now ignoring Toxic Tunnel before Gluth
- localization fixes
- various other small fixes

1.1.0, 2009-01-31
- can parse multiple fights at once and output into one report
- reports are now in HTML format instead of XML
- more detailed output regarding pets
- show average player DPS in DPS charts
- added more milestones

1.0.1, 2009-01-13
- ignore encoding marker in combat log file (this can happen when editing it with text editors)
- added more class spells

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