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Current version: 2.0.10
EHFS is a World of Warcraft combat log parsing and report generating tool. It aims to generate easy-to-read, easy-to-interprete reports without throwing heaps of information at you which you probably won't need in the first place.

Major features include (also see screenshots):

  • DPS graphs with integrated "milestones" for Bloodlust/Heroism, special boss attacks, fight phase changes, etc.
  • User-defined scripted milestones.
  • Shield damage absorption tracking.
  • Integrated FTP upload.
  • Customizable report design (supporting import/export.)
  • Log events browser.
  • Robust automatic pet recognition.
  • Overview page showing all fights of a report.
  • Add fights from different combat logs into one report.

EHFS supports all raid and 5-man dungeons available, including Cataclysm raids and dungeons.
Hey, it even knows each boss in Ragefire Chasm!

Online Update

EHFS supports online updating - simply choose Help > Check For New Version from the menu, and it will update your installation. You don't need to download the complete program every time.

Please also note that I don't have the means to test the Mac version. Any feedback is appreciated.

Recent Changes

2.0.10, 2011-07-08
- fixed a parsing error caused by patch 4.2

2.0.9, 2011-06-11
- after parsing a log file now also shows fights for bosses that are not completely supported yet
- scripted milestones: at the end of a fight the new synthetic FightEndedEvent is sent

2.0.8, 2011-04-29
- updated NPC IDs for patch 4.1
- scripted milestones: updated to Groovy 1.8.0

View older versions' changes


Following are screenshots of the program itself and the generated reports.

View demonstration report

Main window
Report: Damage overview
Report: Detailed player abilities
Report: Buffs gained (with uptime)
Report: Milestones in graphs (where applicable)
Report: Events before deaths
Report: Design customization
Report design customization
Milestones configuration
Log events browser


To run EHFS, you need to have an installation of Java. Visit Sun Microsystems' homepage and download and install the "JRE 6 Update 14" (or newer.)

After extracting the EHFS archive you can simply run ehfs.exe to start EHFS.

How to Use

In World of Warcraft, type /combatlog before starting a boss fight. This will cause the WoW client to log each and any event to a file ([WoW install folder]\Logs\WoWCombatLog.txt). EHFS will analyze this file and generate a report.

Start up EHFS by running ehfs.exe, select your WoWCombatLog.txt file, enter a report title, select the fight you want to generate a report for, then click "Parse Selected Fight".

In your output directory, you will find a variety of files. Just open index.html in your favorite browser. You can also upload all files onto a web host and point visitors to the index.html file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EHFS free to use?
What are milestones?
Milestones are shown on the graphs in reports. When a boss uses a special ability or when a Shaman pops Bloodlust/Heroism, that's a milestone. In general, anything that affects DPS in some way deserves a milestone in the graphs.
Do I need an Internet connection to use EHFS?
In general, no. But if your combat log contains an event where someone uses a spell EHFS doesn't know yet, it will make a request to the fine folks over at Wowhead to find out what this new spell's rank is. That information is then cached so that it won't have to ask again next time you use it. The more logs you parse, the more information is cached.
A player is displayed in red instead of his class' color. How come?
Either that player didn't use a class ability that EHFS knows about, or it might get it the wrong way (an error in EHFS' data,) or he/she didn't use an ability at all. In the latter case, there's not much I can do about it.
What browsers have the reports been tested with?
The reports have been tested and are known to work with Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (both on Windows.)
Can I customize the report? Colors? Design? Logo?
Yes. Graph colors, page colors/CSS and logo can be customized through GUI settings. Please also see this post on sharing report designs.
Can you host reports on your web site for me?
No. (There is more than one reason.)
Under what license is EHFS?
EHFS is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.
I've found a bug! Where do I report it?
Please use our Issues Tracker to report a bug. Note that you need a SourceForge.net account to do so. (Using this account you can also take part in our Discussion Forums.)
Do you accept donations?
Yes, just click here and follow the instructions:



If you have any questions or want to make a suggestion, please feel free to use our Discussion Forums.

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